PHE Ceilings

Broad Utility

Thanks to their versatility, PHEs have a wide range of uses, including residential buildings and the construction of large industrial, agricultural, and commercial buildings.

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PHE are primarily used as ceiling elements, serving simultaneously as the floor of the upper level, but they can also become an interesting massive wall element.

Depending on the application and requirements, various surface variants, quality levels, and thicknesses ranging from 95 mm to 215 mm can be selected.

What are PHE ceilings?

They are dried boards connected using finger joints, forming an endless strip that is then cut to the required length. The individual layers of boards are stacked on top of each other, pressed, and connected with aluminum nails. The resulting element has a finely structured grooved profile with a uniform appearance from below.

Non-Visual PHE-NSi

This type is suitable for large areas, such as industrial and agricultural buildings. Even if the surface is to be covered, for example, with plasterboard or similar materials, NSi is a sensible alternative. The NSi version is typically produced with a beveled V surface, and acoustic groove milling is also available upon request.

Visual PHE-Si

This type is the right choice for residential or commercial buildings. The variant with acoustic groove milling is usually chosen, and elements with V beveling are also visually appealing.

Technical Info

  • Made from spruce boards, 24 mm thick, technically dried (14% residual moisture, +/- 2%), with profiled edges.
  • Ceiling length: from 4.00 m to a maximum of 12.00 m
  • Element width: individual, max 0.6 m, width must be divisible by 24 mm
  • Lamella connection: aluminum nails
  • Finger joint: PU adhesive
  • Thermal conductivity: A = 0.13 W/m²K
  • Wood density: approx. 480 kg/m³
  • Building inspection approval: ETA-16/0162
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