MHM Walls

Healthy and eco-friendly

Massive wooden MHM walls are modern, eco-friendly, healthy, and purely Slovak. Construction with MHM walls is rapid, as is the custom manufacturing of the panels.

We manufacture MHM wooden walls in our own factory in Bytča. We use untreated local wood without glue or chemicals and utilize special German Massiv-Holz-Mauer technology.

MHM walls can be combined with any other building material. Your imagination and creativity have no limits with us. Bizarre shapes or extreme beam spans are no problem for us (as approved by an architect). Thanks to the natural, chemical-free materials, they are environmentally friendly and create a healthy home free from mold and allergies.

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Unique MHM Walls

  • Manufactured in Bytča from Slovak wood

  • Clean, ecological, and sustainable living

  • Top-notch German technology


Comparison of Construction Materials


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We have prepared a clear comparison of basic construction materials for you.

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Advantages of MHM Walls


Ecological and Healthy


Precisely Made


Built Quickly


Safe and Comfortable

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