of MHM Walls

Unique massive wooden MHM walls ensure healthy, ecological, and comfortable living. Discover the invaluable benefits that MHM walls offer.

  • Ecological and Environmentally Friendly
  • Easy Disposal
  • Recyclable Material
  • Natural Building Material

  • Without Chemicals or Glues
  • Healthy Living Without Mold or Allergies
  • Ecological Transport - Very Short Transport Distances
  • Manufactured in our own factory from local forests - supporting the domestic economy
  • Proven reliable building material
  • Precision manufacturing using CNC for your specific plans (+/- 2 mm)

  • Quick production speed of panels (within 7 days)
  • Any shape and design available by architects
  • Waste from production without an environmental burden (remnants are converted into energy)
  • Solid, dimensionally stable - no settling or drying out (cross-laid boards)
  • Dry construction from day one
  • Extremely short construction time (under the roof within 7 days)

  • No "hollow walls," solid wood through and through
  • Can be combined with any wall and ceiling element
  • Surface finish of walls according to individual preferences (both visually and material-wise)
  • Protection against frequency radiation
  • Resistance to shocks and earthquakes
  • Fire-resistant

  • High insulating capacity (heat, sound)
  • Specific climatic (moisture) management of timber construction (ability to absorb and release moisture)
  • Unique sense of coziness in the space (according to client feedback)

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